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History & Location

Tilia Resort

Tilia Resort is located in Mouresi, one of the most beautiful and traditional villages of East Pelion

At an altitude of 200 meters above sea level and at a distance of 10 minutes from some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece (Papa Nero, Plaka, Damouchari) Tilia Resort is situated in an area of 26 acres, right on the road axis of Mouresi – Ai Giannis.

Among the plane and linden trees and the hydrangeas of Tilia Resort you will discover the 1701 Restaurant, the Casa Komi Cocktail Bar, the pool with the pool bar, the gym and ten suites of up to 55 sq.m.

Tilia Resort


In the early 18th century, Greeks of Egypt, taking advantage of the privileged tax regime that prevailed in Pelion, traded fruits, chestnuts and honey, shipped to the markets of Egypt.

Many of them, appreciating the beauties of the place, bought land in Zagora and the surrounding villages and built mansions that they visited during the summer months.

Thus, the Komis family, originating from Alexandria, settled in the area, erecting in 1701 an emblematic for its time mansion that dominated the verdant area of the estate.


Tilia Resort

Respecting Heritage

In 2006 the building was fully renovated with modern materials, regaining its lost glow. Today it hosts the restaurant as well as the reception area of Tilia Resort.

Next to the main building there is the stone house that was built during the same period and served the functional needs of the main residence. In 2006 it was completely renovated and today houses the Casa Komi Cocktail Bar.

Respecting tradition and acknowledging it’s historical importance, we made our best efforts to preserve the heritage of this small orchard, combined with today’s high end standards and luxurious facilities.

Tilia Resort

A centuries-old linden tree

A breath-taking, centuries old beautiful linden tree dominates our yard, which according to experts is one of the largest and oldest linden trees in Europe.

Tilia is the Latin word of linden and our resort is named after this majestic tree!